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Black Hole

Black Hole


Naked Singularities

Naked Singularities



black hole diagram

black hole diagram

Hourglass Nebula

Hourglass Nebula

Sphere Streamlines

Sphere Streamlines

Imagine a tunnel, a point in space that leads you from A to B. An endless journey of wonder. Perhaps you may encounter some likely characters and perhaps not.  Signifier and signified can often defy any known symbols in this vernacular. A new vocabulary must be developed, not to explain the way things are but rather, to re-imagine the way in which we generate systems to describe it.

Does a vortex in fact occupy space or would you call it anti-space? How do you describe the idea of infinity? If our bodies are finite, how is it even possible to fathom the infinite?

Given that black holes (may) exist, where do they lead to? Are they portals to another place or simply a way to arrive at more black holes?

Perfect circles do not exist in nature and yet we use them as symbols of perfection as if they describe the truth. What is perfection? Does symmetry truly describe beauty? Why is the golden ratio appealing to the human eye?

Does the elusive number Pi contain a hidden message that we have yet to uncover? Perhaps buried in its 11 dimensions.

Words to think about:

Hidden Variable: assumes that quantum events are determined by a subquantum system acting outside or before the universe of space-time known to us. It has been suggested that the hidden variable is consciousness or information.

Nonlocal: Not depending upon space and time. A nonlocal effect occurs instantaneously and with no attenuation due to distance.

Infinite Regress

Schrodinger’s Cat in a box




Tunnel/Vortex/Black Hole




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